Oxford International Collaboration Centre

Oxford International Collaboration Centre (OICC) is a UK registered organisation and one of the AUO’s subsidiary bodies with an aim to facilitate the University’s international collaboration with like-minded institutions. It also act as the University’s arm for commercialisation. The mission of OICC is to provide effective, efficient, and professional support to Azad University branches and other educational and corporate organisations to enhance their strategic and operational processes and fulfil their aspirations of becoming a world class organisation. 
The range of OICC services activities include, but not limited to, the following:

  1.  Designing, planning and delivery of executive training programmes for senior managers to meet objectives.
  2.  Developing and executing a variety of educational and corporate projects to enhance organisational quality and efficiency.
  3.  Organising seminars on topical subjects such as principal models for international collaborations.
  4.  Conducting short term research projects on a variety of international topics in social science, economy, technology or allied medical sciences.
  5.  Organising international conferences and forums in areas that most suit the client’s objectives.
  6.  Supporting the academics of the member institutions in their international activities including participation in international conferences and publishing in international journals.
  7.  Providing information on the latest global developments in science, technology and higher education to member institutions.
  8.  Providing a platform to promote intercultural activities.

Major services of OICC are delivered through its Members Club. By becoming an OICC member, you will have exclusive access to a wide range of resources including specialised newsletter and priority project planning. For further information on how to join the OICC Members Club contact us on members@oicc.org.uk