Before you arrive

Before you arrive

Before you arrive

Health and Insurance

It is important that you check the conditions of your student visa as to whether you will be eligible for NHS treatment during your period of study in the UK.

NHS treatment is normally available to students from outside the UK who come to study on a full time course lasting six months or longer.

If you are not eligible, we strongly advise that you have private health insurance in place before leaving your home country.

The following information might help you plan your arrangements for studying in the UK:

The National Health Service (NHS)

The NHS (National Health Service) is the UK’s state health service which provides treatment for UK residents through a wide range of health care services. Some services are free, and some require payment. The following NHS treatment is free for everyone, including international students:

some (but not all) emergency treatment (and not follow-up treatment)

family planning services

treatment of certain communicable diseases

compulsory psychiatric treatment

To qualify for any other NHS treatment, you must meet certain conditions. It is very important that you find out if you are eligible to use the National Health Service (NHS) under the terms of your student visa before you arrive in the UK.


♦If your course of study is for six months or more and you are studying in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, OR if your course is of any duration and you are studying in Scotland, you will qualify for NHS treatment from the beginning of your stay on the same basis as anyone who is ordinarily resident in the UK. Your spouse or children with you in the UK will also be entitled to NHS treatment.

♦If you are not registered to study full time for more than six months, then you may not be eligible for NHS treatment, and we strongly recommend that you have private health insurance in place before coming to the UK.

For further information please visit the website of the UK Council for International Student Affairs at

Travel and other insurance

In the UK it is common for people to take out insurance to cover themselves and their belongings for loss, damage or injury. This can be done through your travel agent, the internet or an insurance company in your own country. We strongly advise that you have travel insurance in place before coming to the UK.


What to pack

Clothes: As you may already know the British weather changes all the time. The warmest time of the year is usually between June and September. The coldest between November and February. However we can often have all types of weather in one day. For this reason it is advisable to bring warm and waterproof clothes and clothes that you can wear in layers. To get an idea of how much clothes cost in the UK, have a look at the following website Generally students dress casually whilst at university in the daytime yet tend to dress up formally for a special occasion i.e. going out for dinner or to a party.

Bedding: you will be expected to buy your own bedding (duvet, pillows, sheets) and towels. To get an idea of how much these items cost see