After you arrive

After you arrive

After you arrive

At Airport:

Make sure you have all the following documents ready to be inspected by UK Border Officials at the port of entry:


o Passport with Valid Visa


o Original CAS Letter and Offer Letter from AUO


o All Original Certificates mentioned on CAS letter by AUO


o All additional country specific documents as advised by UKBA


o Address (temporary and permanent) where you are going to stay in UK.


o One your passport is stamped with entry date, then you can proceed to collect your check in baggage before leaving the airport

Travelling from Heathrow Airport, London to Oxford:

Proceed to your pre-arranged accommodation (temporary or permanent) in Oxford and avoid approaching University directly. If you are advised to reach University directly, please bear in mind that University Office hour are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday only.

By Bus: You can catch a direct bus from the bus terminal at Heathrow Airport terminal 3, it leaves every 30 minutes and takes about 80 minutes to get to Oxford. The bus leaves from bay 14A, you can buy your ticket from the driver when you get onto the bus, and a single ticket costs around £20. When you arrive in Oxford bus station you can catch a taxi to the accommodation or the University. Please ask someone to direct you to the nearest taxi rank, it will cost £20 – £30 or you can catch the number S1 bus opposite the Oxford Bus station on George Street to the University address.

By Train: Hire a taxi to London Paddington Rail Station, London, and catch train towards Oxford. The taxi may cost you around £50 and the train ticket is around £25.

By Taxi: You can take a taxi from outside the airport, it will cost around £120 – £140. Please, understand this is only a guide and taxis operate on a meter and sometimes charge extra for baggage. If you are going to catch a taxi, ensure you have the address of the accommodation to give to the taxi driver.


Travelling from other airports to Oxford:

Most of our students travel to Oxford via Heathrow Airport. However, if your flight is landing somewhere else in UK, please contact our Student Support Team to guide you about your onward journey to Oxford.

Travelling from Oxford:

Getting around the city itself is easy. There are numerous bus services, but you may prefer to walk in central Oxford.

Oxford has excellent transport links with the rest of Britain, including the south coast and the south of England. Following the recent extension of the M40 motorway, the Midlands and the north of England are easily accessible.

London is only an hour away by train, or 55 miles by road, with frequent coaches.


Accessing your money and bank accounts

You are allowed to bring limited amount of cash in UK and you may also need to check how much cash your own country will allow you to take out.

There is no restriction on money transfer through legal channels like banks, travel cards etc. It may take you a week or two to set up a bank account so ensure you bring enough money to cover your first few weeks.

Before you open a bank account it might be worth finding out how much it costs to transfer money from your home country to the UK and which bank would be cheapest to make this transfer. You may also want to consider which banks are easily accessible from your accommodation or the University.

It is important to keep all your bank statements as they will be needed if you have to extend your visa.