Accommodation Options Available in Oxford

Accommodation is an important consideration while you are living away from home. Our Student Support Services office, is ready to assist you any time regarding Short term or long term arrangements for you any time.

We recommend you to make arrangement for temporary/short –term accommodation before you leave your homeland unless you have already arranged long-term accommodation for the duration of your course.

There is a variety of accommodation types in Oxford to suit different budgets and needs.

Host Family Accommodation

Host family accommodation is a high quality, competitively priced alternative to staying in a hotel or hostel. By staying with a host family you will not only learn more about British culture, but you will also have an excellent opportunity to practise your English with native speakers.

We make every effort to consider the preferences of students when selecting host families. Some students prefer to stay with an older family, other students prefer a younger family, or wish to join a family with children. Some students wish to live with a family living near to the AUO campus. Other students wish to live with a family with certain hobbies or interests, like sports or horse riding. We do everything possible to match students with families who have similar hobbies and interests, share the same outlook on life or offer a warm and supportive environment.

Shared House

There are many websites where you can find a suitable shared accommodation close to the city centre and our university. You can search for single or double bedroom, all with shared living room, bathroom and kitchen. Internet, TV, kitchen and laundry facilities are provided in every shared house or flat. Prices may vary, depending upon the residence and the time of year.

Hotels, Hostels & B&B

We can provide you with a choice of hotels or B&B accommodation. Prices vary depending upon your requirements. Most hotels and B&Bs in Oxford offer single, double or twin rooms. The price per day usually includes a full English breakfast. For more information about hotels and B&B, please visit following websites:


Accommodation for Couples or Families

The University can assist you to find and arrange some suitable family accommodation depending on your budget and requirement. Few websites which you may find helpful are:


For more information and prices, please contact our Student Support Services office.