The Criminal Law & Criminology- Master’s Degree

The Criminal Law & Criminology- Master's Degree

Course Title:

Criminal Law & Criminology- Master’s Degree


Course Description:

The course offers range of models such as the general criminal law, criminal procedure, jurisprudence, criminology, criminal evidence and international criminal law. It will examine the principles underlying the definition of crime such as the requirements of actus reus , mens rea, the legality principle and general doctrines such as ignorance of fact and ignorance of law. This course will also tackle various crimes such as homicide, manslaughter, white-collar crime, fraud, bribery, attempt, conspiracy and complicity, money laundering, crimes against security of state. Generally, this course gives a clear definition of criminal law and criminal procedure in theory and practice.


Course Objectives:

The main propose of this course is to develop student’s knowledge of criminal law, the historical development of criminal law justice and its application. The course is also designed to improve the understanding of the root and sources of criminal law, the concept of punishment, which goes to study the criminal defense and burden of proof in criminal cases. The AUO students will learn the element of each particular crime and its possible defense. Students would also learn common terminology in criminal law and criminology in the world contemporary common law and civil law systems.


The Course Structure:


This is an interactive course involving lectures, tutorials, seminars, workshops, discussions and group work activities. 

All the modules related to this course in Year 1 are delivered in your home branch of the University. As per institutional arrangement for this course, the students are required to spend one term of their studies in Oxford Branch of the University. Therefore, Azad University in Oxford (AUO) delivers 6 specialised modules (units) of this course.  Additionally you are provided with 2 modules of Specialised English Language for this course during your stay in Oxford. The rest of your modules for year 2 are delivered in your home branch, as per university approved modules by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.


Teaching, Learning and Assessment:


All modules in AUO are taught by qualified staff in English. You will be learning in a stimulating and friendly atmosphere where you will be able to develop a wide range of disciplinary and professional skills.

Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, group work, and individual and group presentations.

During term time we host a series of weekly research seminars where guest speakers from other universities and from outside the academic sector give presentations on research themes of interest to Criminal Law and Criminology students. 

Assessment is by coursework and examination. Coursework includes essays, group projects and individual seminar presentations and research projects. Some modules involve an element of examination at the end of the term, but others are assessed solely on the basis of your work during the term.