Azad University in Oxford (AUO) opened in July 2004. It is the first Islamic Azad University...
Higher Education faces many challenges requiring proactive strategy development...
Our General English courses are tailor-made for the students of other institutions...
Visa Guidance
You can apply for a Student Visitor visa if you’re doing a short course of study in the UK...

AUO Location

AUO is located at Stroud Court, in the village of Farmoor, just outside Oxford.  This is a small and user friendly campus with excellent educational facilities and beautiful woodland grounds.

AUO Missions

Participation by our students in extra-curricular activities within the local Oxford community is strongly encouraged.  Our mission is to provide maximum support for our students through a unique …

AUO Campus

Azad University in Oxford (AUO) opened in July 2004. It is the first Islamic Azad University (IAU)  campus in Europe. Islamic Azad University is the largest private university in Iran and one of the largest…

AUO Vision

We aim to build the confidence and encourage the creativity required for facing new international challenges and a new employment market.  If you aim to study for a degree in the UK and …

October 22, 2016

راهنمای پذیرفته شدگان سال تحصیلی

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September 29, 2016

راهنمای پذیرفته شدگان نیمسال او

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1 May 31, 2016

Oxford Language College (OLC) has applied to the British Acc

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Oxford International Collaboration Center (OICC)

Oxford Language College (OLC)